The Company KOBAN Spółka z o. o. was established with the view to the needs and interest of the generally understood railway market. Our goal is to provide the top quality services related to braking systems directly to companies in the railway sector without the participation of unnecessary intermediaries.

The Company KOBAN Spółka z o. o. employs only the best specialists in this field who have many years of experience in carrying out regenerative works of brake parts for almost all railway companies in Poland. Currently, the company operates in a newly built modern building which meets the highest standards and is situated in a special economic zone in Trzebinia.

The building itself was designed from scratch with the view to using the most efficient regeneration system, thereby resulting in a significant improvement of the quality of service while reducing the recovery time. All of this has a significant impact on the cost reduction. Our modern facility is equipped with 4 computer diagnostic stands for testing valves which are used for creating the post-regeneration reports. We have a dedicated management system in operation which makes it possible to check electronically the status of the accepted customer’s order.

The Company KOBAN Spółka z o. o. provides the repair, regeneration, check and adjustment services of the pneumatic components of the brake used in:

  • Diesel locomotives,
  • electric locomotives,
  • freight wagons,
  • carriages,
  • traction units,
  • and other rail vehicles.

The above-mentioned services concern the braking systems manufactured by such producers as Oerlikon, Knorr-Bremse, Dako, Matrosow, Sab-Wabco, Fablok-Chrzanów which comprise such components as distributor valves, the main driver’s valve, additional driver’s valves, pneumatic solenoid valves, pressure regulators, relay valves, weighing valves, safety valves, drain valves, pressure switches, auxiliary reservoir venting valves, axial regulators, anti-lock braking valves, integrated pneumatic boards, brake adjusters and others.

We also sell the above-mentioned items after their full regeneration along with a certificate and a computer test report.