„We combine tradition with modernity”

The tradition of the railway industry in our region goes back to 1919 year when the first locomotive factory in Poland was established in Chrzanów. Activity of this company had a great influence on the development of railways in Poland and our region of the Europe. Unfortunately, due to economic problems, the factory was closed in 2013, stopping production.

A dozen years later in 2021 wanting to use the potential and experience of qualified personnel, the management of Koban Sp. z o.o. made a decision to continue this tradition. In 2021 we have acquired the exclusive right to manufacture, distribute, repair, sell, dispose and use of construction elements and technical documentation of the slack adjusters DRV2A, DRV3A and distributor valve Est3f/D-10. In addition, we have obtained the right to use the trade mark “FABLOK” and technical documentation for the production of individual structural elements of the slack adjusters.

Thus, we have become the successors and direct supplier of DRV2A and DRV3A adjusters for the Polish and European market. The obtained licenses guaranteed that the new product became a continuator of the slack adjusters offered by the FABLOK Chrzanów company. The slack adjusters, based on the Oerlikon license, have high quality confirmed by many years of operation. Our product is fully compliant with the licensor’s construction and technical documentation, combined with innovation production methods, has become a product that connect tradition with modernity – guaranteeing:

„The reliability and safety of travel”

We are very satisfied that we’ve managed to introduce new brake slack adjusters to our sales offer and the service of their regeneration based on the parts produced by us. Due to the needs of our customers, we decided to provide comprehensive support by starting the production of four-thread spindles using a modern machine park. All our products delivered to customers are based on the original SAB / FABLOK documentation and on materials that meet all the licensor’s technological requirements.